OMACS initially a grassroot organization in 1997 offered an afterschool community based tutorial project; and in 1999 committed parents wanting to offer a meaningful education for their children employed OMACS to develop a practical homeschool small Homeschool turtorial co-op.

OMACS later incorporated and continued to serve the community by offering support services to youth and Adults aimed at teaching resilience, reducing the High School dropout rate, understanding mental/behavioral health, and serving as Case management-accessing resources which lead to self-advocacy, service, and employment.

Presently OMACS LLC a resource market has evolved into a Spiritual Human Service Organization, offering spiritual support, developmental opportunities and resources designed to impact participants' capacity to express their full potential socially, economically, emotionally, and spiritually, thereby enabling participants to foster healthy relationships within their family, work place and community.


As a resource market is to restore hope and provide opportunities for individuals and organizations to become increasingly productive within Society.


OMACS and its partners are committed to putting our mission into action by providing a plethora of charitable acts, human services, educational, spiritual and community activities and resources to our participants.