HOME EDUCATORS LEADING THE WAY - a registered Homeschool Umbrella with The Maryland State Department of Education - Homeschool making it do what it do.... Parents are making the bold decision to become primary facilitators of their child's education, for reason stemming from insufficient curricula within the local system to challenges around bullying, and the inability to strategize the best methods of educating a child with learning or mental health challenges.

"Home Educators Leading the Way" provides families with:

  1. A Consultant
  2. Curriculum Development
  3. Tutorial Service
  4. Organizational Strategies
  5. Parent & Child Peer Support Groups
  6. Field Trip Opportunities

Youth Leading the Way - is a Character Development youth led opportunity for Youth-school age through 21 to learn strategies which lead to resilience, confidence, community service, and academic success.

"Youth Leading the Way" participants

  1. Research, discuss & debate critical issues facing their peers
  2. Given the opportunity to coordinate and execute "Dare to B' a Beast" a Literacy Afterschool Tutorial club from elementary students
  3. Attend Career and Resume writing workshops
  4. Compete for grant funding to support their projects


Let it be known - Let it be said "individuals with psychiatric disabilities/brain disorders have many of the same desires as other individuals in society - namely, to feel a part of the larger community."

MIND Matters goal is to use social media, small groups, and symposiums to Educate Empower and Engage families, community and those working directly with individuals whom are faced with mental/behavioral dysfunctions, learning differences and challenges, and individuals whom have suffered brain injury.

MIND Matters ultimately strives to support Individuals and Organizations agenda to break the cycle of behaviors that yield inappropriate outcomes;

  1. Provides access to resources which support Mental and Behavioral Health.
  2. Receives referrals from various organizations
  3. Provides Case Management up to 45 days to ensure participants understand the process of their new support services, and are making strides to navigate their process.
  4. Daily Access to Peer/Peer Support - Social Media via Facebook (Mind Matters)

SPIRITUAL SUPPORT - it is our belief that spirituality is the basis for sustaining healthy outcomes - relational, social, economical, and physical, therefore our goal is to assist individuals in their process of spiritual maturity, (the ability to use resources to their full potential to become your most productive self.)

Individuals and organizations are invited to participate in OMACS opportunites for Spiritual growth and enlightenment:

  1. Attend "Inspiration Anonymous" an opportunity to share openly with peers and discuss ideas and solutions
  2. Become Disciples - followers of Jesus Christ teachings
  3. Volunteer in their Communities
  4. Participate in Worshops, Symposiums, or Classes/Groups